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I sold my business a few years ago and was therefore fortunate enough to have some cash sitting in the bank earning very little interest. Once I met the guys at Asset For Life Ltd I realised that I could invest this capital into several buy-to-let properties that would give me a significantly higher return on my cash. The properties I bought were also heavily discounted, and I now own a portfolio of properties generating a good income' -People looking to invest money for their children's future I found Asset For Life Ltd on the internet when I was looking for long term investments for my children. I found Asset For Life to be very understanding of my situation and they helped me put together a small portfolio that gives me extra income and can also be handed down to my children in the future.

By David Raddlett Investor

I'm originally from Manchester but now live abroad working as a University lecturer. Over the last few years I've noticed the strength of the UK buy to let property market. So I decided to get in touch with Asset For Life Ltd because they didn't charge me any fees until I actually owned the property. I now own two apartments in Manchester City Centre which literally have no void periods and provide me with extra income. Next year I'm going to remortgage the properties which will allow me to invest in more properties.

By Kelvin Thomas Investor

I'm a solicitor in central London and am responsible for looking after my wife and three young children. I was worried about my retirement because I don't believe that pension schemes are good enough anymore. I therefore decided to look into investing my savings in buy to let property. After meeting up with Asset For Life Ltd they fully understood my situation and recommended a property that not only provides me with additional monthly income but was also bought at a discounted price. I'm using my property as the foundation to build a portfolio over the coming years that will allow me to enjoy my retirement in comfort.

By A Jeffason Solicitor
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