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Do you have some questions?
At Asset For Ltd we are very proud to have built a reputation on keeping things simple for you – ALWAYS! Here are some of the questions we get asked a lot and the quick and simple answers for you.

Which areas of the UK do you currently take properties?
Asset For Life network covers the whole of the UK. We have experienced and qualified property managers throughout the UK working as network partners for us. This means we can consider property in any location.

How quickly could Asset For Life rent my property?
After our Discovery Call with you we can make an offer within 24 hours. The offer will be based on local market conditions in your area. The price and terms we agree at this stage will be the price we pay for the duration of the contract even if the property is vacant. From the moment we can agree on the offer it will take around 5 working days to complete our site visit and rental report.
At this point, all being well, we will agree a rental start date that works for us both and set up the standing order to you.

What types of property does Asset For Life work with?
The nature of our business is to offer high quality, comfortable accommodation for long and short term stays for professionals. This means we can consider almost any property, in any location, in any condition. We really love houses with 3 or more bedrooms, but we also have a portfolio of 1 and 2 bedroom flats in the network. The best way to find out if we can work with your home is to give us a call.

Do Asset For Life furnish my property?
Yes. We do consider furnished property, part furnished and unfurnished. Because we finish all Asset For Life homes to such a high standard for our professional residents the existing furniture in your property may not be suitable – maybe you have rented to students previously for example.

Does Asset For Life pay a deposit?
No, We do not pay you a deposit. When we get a new property ready to let we do carry out a light refurbishment if needed, repair fixtures and fittings and dress the property to a very high standard. During the term we maintain this level of finish and keep on top of all the little jobs. What this means is that we give you back your property at the end of our agreement in a better condition than we took it from you. Our landlords prefer to opt for this high level of guaranteed quality instead of a deposit scheme.

What are your fees?
There are NO FEES! We do not charge you any monthly commissions and there are no hidden charges further down the track. Our main income is from our Asset For Life Relocation clients that pay us to find high quality accommodation for their workers.

How do I know my home won’t get damaged?
We only work with professional working residents. Often their employer houses the residents, so the care of the property and their behavior is linked to their employment terms and conditions. We do not allow large families, pets or children. We regularly inspect the property and we have a weekly cleaner that visits and if needed a gardener will visit to keep everything in tiptop condition.

Will I have to deal with tenants and problems?
No. Once the management agreement is signed we deal with everything. You will simply receive your rent every month. No phone calls, no problems, no headaches.

What if an Asset For Life Ltd client doesn’t pay will I still get my rent?
In reality this rarely happens but the answer is yes. We do what it says on the tin. We guarantee your rent every month regardless of our client's position.

Will I have to be involved at all once the agreement is signed?
Asset For Life Ltd takes the hassle out of being a landlord. You will not need to be involved at all, no missing rent, no vacant periods, no tenant management issues – just guaranteed rent and peace of mind. We take care of all of the landlord responsibilities too such as gas safety certificates, PAT testing, EPC, fire safety and heat/smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. What if my circumstances change and I want the house back before the agreement ends? We understand circumstances change. Although we aim to complete all our agreements should you need to end it sooner than agreed all we would ask is that you give us a fair and reasonable timeframe to find our residents alternative accommodation. If we have invested money into your home to upgrade it then there may be a percentage of that cost that you will have to refund back to us. This is all clearly explained in our management agreement.

Would you consider taking on multiple houses from my portfolio?
Yes we certainly would. We follow the same processes for 1 house or 100 houses so provided all of the properties you suggest meet our criteria we would happily offer you a hassle free service just the same.




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